The Compassionate Maker

Gina Seymour runs a MakerCare program at Islip High School dedicated to nurturing philanthropic qualities while benefitting organizations both local and global. Collaborating with service based clubs in her school and cultivating partnerships with outside agencies, students carry out hands-on service projects taking an active role in making a difference in their community and the world.

Maker activities for children foster valuable learning opportunities among our students. In our school makerspaces, students learn about science, technology, engineering and even artistic expression. This seems like a lot and yet there’s even more that students can learn in a makerspace, namely compassion and empathy. Maker education need not be limited to STEM or STEAM but can embrace the whole child. As a make & donate program, MakerCare fosters civic engagement and social action among our students.

For resources dealing with grief and bereavement

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