You Can Have your Book and Eat it too!

img_2692I love to read. And I love to eat – the sweeter the better.  So a hidden passion of mine is to combine the two whenever possible.

This year  Curious George turns 75; my great-nephew, Nate, turned two. So there was no better idea than to combine these two special birthdays into one celebration. We had a Curious George themed birthday party. Like I did for his first birthday, I made Nate’s cake.  I’ve been baking for Nate since before he was born – starting with The Giving Tree baby shower cake.

When my kids were little, I made a point of celebrating their birthdays – activities, goodie bags, cakes – all themed. We focused mostly on sports or action charaters (ie Power Rangers). Granted there were the ocassional literay themed parties and cakes. Like Harry Potter’s Hedwig in a birdcage cake, Quiddictch broom cookies, and magical invitations. The Wizard of Oz with Emerald City cake resplendent with yellow brick road, poppy field, and adorned with ruby slippers was another of my favorite creations. Yes, I know the shoes should have been painted silver…

I enjoy designing and making cakes, but it’s the literary themed ones that are truly special to me. I see my favorite books and characters develop in all their sweet goodness. Like reading a book, it is a delicious experience.

Bon Apetit!

PS – Happy Birthday Nate the Great! (that’ll be a cake someday…)

*You can have your art masterpieces, too!

2 thoughts on “You Can Have your Book and Eat it too!

  1. Such talent. I can barely bake a cake, let alone design and execute such an artistic work. The Curious George cake is marvelous.

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